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About Me

I am a wife striving to be the helpmate God has called me to be. I am a mom of 3 little ones, Jeremiah, Jacob and Jadyn. I love the Lord. Between being a wife and mom (which includes a lot of duties themselves), church & ministry, self-employment, and other responsibilities of life, I find myself a very busy woman! My blogs may be more sparse than I’d like, but now at least you can see why. I post on Facebook a lot more often; you are welcome to friend me. :)

About my Blog

Womanly Excellence is a place I can, first and foremost, share my faith, share reflections and revelations from His Word and hopefully encourage and edify you in the Lord! I am a graphic and web designer (check out Shekinah Arts – Creative Services); my passion is for church and ministry media but I love geeky computer things. So, I may often post about media or tech related subjects.

My beautiful kids - Easter 2010

My beautiful kids - Easter 2010

Secondly, I share about my family, personal thoughts, and probably brag about my kiddos!

And thirdly, I believe we are to be good stewards of our finances. One of the many ways we can do that is shopping wisely. I’m pretty frugal and have learned from the best! (Thank you MoneySavingMom, TheThriftyMama and Couponing101 for that!) While, I will not be going into couponing as much as these ladies (so I definitely recommend you go there for more info!) I will be sharing some of my favorite coupons, deals and local finds and my personal savings.

The name of my blog is inspired by the Proverbs 31 woman, or The Excellent Woman as some Bible translations title it. As we women of God, are striving to walk in this excellence, which we can do only in God’s power, I encourage you to meditate on and study Proverbs 31. You can read my posts as I study Proverbs 31 here.

I appreciate all of my readers. All of your comments are so encouraging.
Thank you so much for stopping by!


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